Magic Numbers!

It’s really insane. We talked about my blood sugar numbers being a little erratic and high after Tricia’s move and the wedding. I let up, followed the carb values listed on the suggestion diet and ended up with some crazy numbers. I had swing from 52 to 226 one day. So for reference for anyone not versed…52 will make you want to crash and sleep for days, and so will 226. Anything higher than 120 makes me want to sleep off the sugar high. An average healthy person is supposed to be between 70-100, with a swing of up to 180 after eating. Recent studies have shown that if you want to avoid T3DM (otherwise known as Alzheimer’s) it’s best to keep your sugar at a floating value of 80 to 95 all the time. I was doing this before we got pregnant, and it may be part of the reason we did get pregnant as it also balances hormones.

Anyway, back to limiting carbs to around 20 or 40 grams per meal has me back in the “good” numbers. Which is still quite mind boggling as eating 60 to 120 grams of carbs is drastically higher than the 20 to 40 per day I used to allow myself.

One of our favorite places to eat in GA was at Chicken Salad Chick. If you haven’t had the pleasure of going to one, you should head out today and grab lunch! Essentially, they specialize in different recipes for chicken salad, and have a few sweet things to follow it up for dessert. Unfortunately, where we live we are too far north to have a Chicken Salad Chick in VA. So about two years ago or so we took to experimenting with our own concoctions of chicken salad. Most medical practitioners agree that chicken salad (or other meat or mayo based salads) from restaurants and delis should not be eaten while pregnant due to possible listeria contamination. I won’t go into the funsies with listeria, but essentially if you’re well and not pregnant even if it’s present your not at risk for severe sickness and even people that have a mild case of sickness from listeria won’t know it. But because of the risk I was even happier we had started to make our own at home once we found out we were pregnant.

The following concoction is my new go-to for lunch. Pre-pregnant I would have cut up a cucumber and eaten it off the slices. Now, I just use a pack of crackers that equals about 16 grams of carbs. I also take a cheese stick and some olives to lunch. Both the cheesesticks and the olives are less than 1 gram carb, so if I eat them earlier or later as a snack they don’t affect my blood sugar, but give my body energy to work off of.

Simply the good stuff.
  • 1 Large can of canned chicken.
  • 2 tbsp of mayo-I try to choose one that is soy-free but that’s my preference.
  • Dill pickle relish
  • Stone Spice Co Sketti Sprinkle

Simply mix it all together. You can add less or more mayo as you choose. I like mine more creamy, but Nate likes his a little drier. Whatever your preference is. The Stone Spice Co is a small company based out of Lynchburg. We met them at a fair up in the mountains last fall. The proprietor explained that he didn’t like marinara sauce, but loved noodles spiced with butter, so he designed the Sketti Sprinkle. I love garlic, so this works for me. We’ve also used McCormick’s Salt-free Garlic and Herb, but I love the black pepper that the Sketti Sprinkle brings to the mix. Spice it up however you want! Are there any chicken salad traditions in your house?


6 thoughts on “Magic Numbers!

  1. Having Chicken Salad Chick for lunch today. Lemon basil and buffalo barclay. Yum!!

    I’ve never made it myself though it seems easy enough to do. The husband and kiddo don’t like it though so it’s a bit of work for just me.

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  2. I used to make a yummy curried chicken salad with steamed carrots and asparagus on lettuce. Also had another version with celery and cut grapes. Putting it on cucumber slices is a winning idea!


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