Adventures…and counting

Tricia moved the weekend my cousin Emily was married in GA…and two weeks into me starting my new job! Emily and Tony had an AMAZING wedding.  She was beautiful, he was handsome, and we are soooo excited for them as they grow in their lives together!!

Tricia moved early on Wednesday, it was a balmy 17 degrees that fine March morning in the Shenandoah.  We loaded her up, said teary goodbyes (me, Nate, and Kat-friend, and barn manager extraordinaire) and she had a wonderful ride and was super excited to discover that NC comes with grass.  Grass is sorely lacking in the mountains, over rocks, during torrential downpours and evil snow storms! Thursday we had an OB appointment-all things good, he’s a BOY!-and then on to NC.  Where we spent the rest of the day, and then down to GA…where it’s 78 degrees and SUNNY!!!  Yay, sun!! Beautiful wedding, back to NC to see pony, and landing Monday after back in VA to start the work week!  Weee!

The wedding and travel and sending pony away (even if it’s an amazing horsey paradise) gave me leave to get off track of the diet.  I’ve already been transitioned to insulin for the baby, but at a very low dose on a very mild insulin.  Yesterday we had our anatomy scan, we’re 18w3d and counting.  Baby boy is doing so very well.  He was playing with his toes (he has all ten) during part of the scan, and seemed to be having a fine time of it. I was really afraid the perinatologist was going to up my insulin.  I just have to get a hold of the cravings and rock back on the carbs.  I lost fifteen pounds in the first trimester, and have found five of it.  I really do not want to gain any more weight.  I know they say you are supposed to gain weight.  Look–I have enough to feed myself and the baby already stored in the on board refrigerator.  I know that the insulin resistance is only going to get worse, and that they’re going to have to up it again at some point.  Which only means that I’m going to gain weight, and will “increase” my T2DM postnatal-something I knew going into this, but would also like to damage control as much as possible.  I do ok with the diet at home, but often lose it at work.  I’ve finally landed a much wanted role in my chosen field of study with the Extension.  I am so excited to be doing public health work.  We’re in the slow phase right now, and I’m in the office often.  And the office loves to share.  There hasn’t been a week I’ve been there that someone hasn’t brought in cookies (delish!) and donuts (resisted!) or some other treat.  It’s too important to not be compliant.  The diet the diabetes educator gave me massively liberated my carb intake, and I got comfortable with the idea that I could consume that many.  But the reality is that my body is not built for it.  And right now I am growing a bouncing baby that loves to flip and play, and hold his feet and play with his toes.  I owe him more, right?


2 thoughts on “Adventures…and counting

  1. CONGRATS!!!! How exciting!!! Dieting is hard. Dieting in an office is next to impossible. I’m a small office and still I have people bringing donuts and cookies and brownies all the time. Its hard to say no, sometimes it feels down right impolite. Hang in there!! I think you are doing amazing!

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