Nuthin’ humble about this brag

I rode Tricia for the first time in literal months.  Like six months.  No rider, just mom coming around to feed her treats off and on.  She was essentially on a horsey summer vacation, just being spoiled by our wonderful barn manager and eating her fill of lush grass. This may seem completely silly, but…… Continue reading Nuthin’ humble about this brag


Keto Suiza

There are changes afoot in our little world.  Some of them I am not ready to share–they are my little secret for a little while longer.  Other things I am not emotionally ready to tell the world.  Sorry world. What I can tell you is that diabetes is a bitch.  My diabetes doesn’t like any…… Continue reading Keto Suiza

The dancing horses.

I cannot believe that it’s October!  This year has flown by!  It’s been some time since I’ve said hello, and all of this was not twiddling thumbs.  In the interim I have been completing a Master’s in Public Health-Nutrition.  The course work has kept me busy, and I am in a full time internship-though I…… Continue reading The dancing horses.

The Arts of War

I got hurt doing Crossfit.  Not badly, but a pretty decent muscle pull.  “Personal training Crossfit” and “just doing classes Crossfit” are two majorly different things.  I didn’t realize at the time just how much care Trent (the trainer) was taking in creating my weekly torture sessions.  I was always challenged, but never felt like I…… Continue reading The Arts of War


My eldest nephew turned five this weekend.  He wanted a hurricane party!  Ala Ms. Frizzle and the magic school bus variety.  My sister-in-law’s people are from Nawlins, and they know how to throw a good hurricane party.  Despite the rain outside, it was a fun time for all the little ones inside. My trainer calls…… Continue reading Hurricanes