Strength over progress

Sunday was a really weird ride.  Virginia realized she’d hit her snooze too often, and that it was actually mid October and that this Fall season thing needed to happen.  It literally went from high 80s to 50s over night.  The barn hadn’t switched turnout from night to day yet because of the temps.  So Sunday was cool, but I don’t think that was the issue.

She just seemed cranky.  And I know I had been (was at the time of the ride) cranky about some other crap that is totally not pony related.  I don’t know if she was feeding off of me, or feeling the weather, or is in her last cycle of the year…but she was cranky.  I tried balancing my emotions, talking to her, but whatever it was it would just not click.  She was super sensitive to the whip-more than usually, because she hates that whip! I switched hands and she bucked in place-that kinda pissy about the whip.  At one point, when we finally had this really hard discussion about how her ass needs to be under mine, and not off in Montana, she snorted.  So I raspberried at her, to which she snorted back…so again I raspberried.  She shook her head and stomped next.  I know she has a sense of humor, but I don’t think she found me funny.

I am worried that maybe I took her back to elevation work too soon. That she just isn’t strong enough to hold this right now, and I’m not sure how to “go backwards” and help her build strength.  Do we work at a lower level of elevation?  Her sit at that level is almost non-existent, and the bendy in her joints is almost laughable. But if it helps her to be able to work up to a level of straightness just through strength isn’t that preferable?  There are times I know she just drops her back and refuses to lift out of anger.  I also know that she will willing use the rollback to get behind my leg she she doesn’t have to lift.

Days like that are when I wish she could talk.  And when I wish we still had our awesome massage therapist to work on her.  If I send her to GA for the winter, I will definitely be getting in touch with Mikki.  I think it would make a world of good.


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