Nuthin’ humble about this brag

I rode Tricia for the first time in literal months.  Like six months.  No rider, just mom coming around to feed her treats off and on.  She was essentially on a horsey summer vacation, just being spoiled by our wonderful barn manager and eating her fill of lush grass.

This may seem completely silly, but I didn’t want to give her my sadness.  She’s very attuned to me.  In all honesty, she probably knew I was pregnant before I did.  The weeks leading up to finding out, she nudged my belly all the time. If I’m around her and terribly upset about something she starts making faces, yawning, and gets agitated, even if I’m soldiering through it. A human would not know I’m upset, but Tricia?  She always knows. So after the initial sharing of our loss with her, I always tried to go back on “good days”.  She’s a beautiful soul, and can offer care through our grief, but it’s not her responsibility to carry me through it.

So it was a good day when I went to ride.  I had been preparing for it-I had cleaned all our tack (what a mess!), and made sure to get a supply of her favorite treats-Nicker doodles, she thinks they’re the best! As far as I am aware no one had sat on her for six months.  I may be wrong in this, as Trainer is pretty awesome, and maybe she did get on her and didn’t tell me. Because Tricia was amazing.  I think she missed me.  I think she missed working together.  I usually ride with an “encouragement stick”, but couldn’t find mine and didn’t bother with it.  I didn’t need it.  She was ideally on point.  Very light aids, and she gave me exactly what I wanted, or needed.  She was absolutely amazing.  There was no nonsense, no horseplay reactions to having not been ridden.  I have yet to take a lesson as I want some time for conditioning her back to work.  But if I had to tell you how much she’s lost in our work, time-wise, I’d say maybe two weeks?  Her canter (always the bane of our existence) was a little more put together back in April, but it shouldn’t take long to get her where she was as soon as I can start lessons again.

I know we all say our horse is the best in world.  I think I really do have a contender for that title.  I cannot express how blessed I feel to have a kind, wonderful partner like Tricia.

2 thoughts on “Nuthin’ humble about this brag

  1. I am so proud of you and Trish. She loves you dearly, and I’m glad that your ride went so well. You have every reason to brag! It makes me so happy to see that you’re both succeeding.

    I’ve been reading past entries on your blog and feeling a little like I’m catching up on your life; I’ve really fallen out of touch with you over the years and I just wanted to say I’m sorry that I haven’t been there for you for so many things. I’m gonna try to keep in touch better.

    I do love your blog, the idea of talking about being a fat rider. To be honest, I grinned and snorted a little when I read the blog name, because there’s a beautiful, brutal honesty to it. As a fellow fat girl, I appreciate that. Keep writing, and ride Trish as much as you can, she’s always been good for your soul.

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